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Little Lark Burger
our kids enjoy fresh taste

Bring the kids on a Monday after 4pm for Little Lark’s Night Out and enjoy a free meal together.

a community rallies around the flavors they enjoy most

Larkburger was recognized by both the Boulder Weekly in Best of Boulder and The Colorado Daily in CU & Boulder’s Best as having the best burger town.

Our flavors are complex.
Our story, a lot simpler.

We were born from the mind of a pretty awesome chef who saw the need for a place a family could get a culinary experience
and still afford their mortgage payment at the end of the month. And what better vehicle to bring culinary food to the people than the burger?
But not just any burger. A classic burger, free of a million piled-on ingredients; goopy, sugar-laden sauces; and for that matter, free of pretension.
A burger that understands balance and honors its ingredients.

This culinary mindset has translated across our menu, from our truffle fries to our kale salad. We source the freshest natural ingredients we can find and cook using classic culinary techniques that allow our ingredients to shine. Because when you eat at Larkburger, only one question really matters:

Do you want another bite?

The burger is really good.

“The company has taken a thoughtful approach to limiting its environmental footprint. It generates almost no waste, using utensils made out of potatoes, and cups made of corn that can be composted along with its food waste. It uses recycled mesquite wood to decorate the walls. It buys wind energy to offset its electricity use. One more thing to know about Larkburger: The burger is really good.” Marc Gunther, Sustainable Business Forum

“Please tell me if you live in Colorado that you’ve been to a Larkburger? …They’re a perfect blend of sustainable and responsible as business owners, to quick casual where after your hike you can still be presentable and mow on a burger, to incredible taste that oozes onto your fingers and mouth as you bite into one of their burgers.” Grace(full) Plate

“I took a bite, and it hit me like a hammer in the forehead, a lightning bolt straight to the pleasure center in my brain specifically reserved for cheeseburgers.” Denver Westword

“The answer is larkburger.” Bon Appétit

“Burgers and fries, done up just right.” The Denver Post

“Redefines fast food.” 5280

“Order a burger that’s good for the planet. At last, a burger joint that will make you feel virtuous.” Sunset Magazine

“…challenging the notion that “fast casual” and the “culinary arts” are mutually exclusive.”

Free, small birthday cake-flavored milkshakes!

Larkburger ranks as a best burger in Denver and beyond!

An inside look at where we’re from, where we’re at and where we’re going.

Exciting news – Todd Coerver joins our team as CEO!

New Truffle Parm Tots
Truffle Parmesan Tater Tots
crispy tater tots tossed in parsley, parmesan and truffle salte