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Restaurant Buinsess Magazine Picks Larkburger as a Great Idea

Restaurant Business Magazine Picks Larkburger as a Great Idea


Restaurant Business Magazine, 50 Great Ideas, November 5th, 2014 Restaurant Business Magazine’s top 50 great ideas we’ve seen from the restaurant industry. #21 Team Up to reward local pride Out-of-state college students regularly...

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5280 Features Larkburger's Kids Eat Free Meal in November Issue of Free Things to Do in Denver

Kids Eat Free on Monday’s at Larkburger


5280, 10 (Mostly) Free Things To Do: November Edition, 11/5/2014 by Natasha Gardner From Denver’s Grand Illumination to the Bighorn Sheep Festival and more, here are 10 fun ways to keep your bank...

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Larkburger Receives Honorable Mention at Healthy Active Lifestyle Awards Ceremony

Larkburger receives honorable mention for promoting healthy, active lifestyles


“First Ever HALO Awards Ceremony Reveals Huge Does of Healthy Inspiration”, Restaurant Nutrition: Healthy Dining, by Sara Luccero, 10/27/2014 Forward Thinking Restaurant Chains Honored at Inaugural HALO (Healthy Active Lifestyle) Awards Ceremony  ...

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Larkburger Awarded for Health Menu Innovations


Larkburger Included Among Restaurant Chains Honored for Healthy Menu Innovations CHAPEL HILL, NC – Food News Media, publisher of QSR and FSR magazines, has announced the winners of the inaugural HALO Awards, which honor...

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Larkburger in QSR Magazine - An Emerging Concept

Larkburger – An Emerging Concept


Ones To Watch: Larkburger, QSR Magazine, Judy Kneiszel, October 2014 The brainchild of renowned chef Thomas Salamunovich, this Colorado-based brand offers burgers with complex flavors. Larkburger Cofounders: Adam Baker and Thomas Salamunovich HQ: Denver Year...

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Larkburger Snow Cravings Sweepstakes - Win a Pair of Icelantic Skis

Larkburger’s Snow Cravings Sweepstakes gives away the ultimate winter package


Denver Westword Blog, “Win Ski, Lift Tickets — and Burgers! — in Larkburger’s Snow Cravings Sweepstakes”, Wed. 10/8/14, by Ben Landreth October is just beginning, but it’s not too early to think about...

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Healty kids meals in Colorado - Colorado Parent

Healthy Kids Menus in Colorado


“Healthy Kids’ Menus” by Claudia Carbone, Colorado Parent, October 2014 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your family is easy when you are the one cooking meals.  But going out to eat can sabotage...

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Denver Business Podcast interviews Larkburger CEO Adam Baker

CEO Adam Baker on Denver Business Podcast


Denver Business Podcast, Larkburger by Lumen Station, 8/19/2014 Thanks to Lumen Station and Denver Business Podcast for hosting Larkburger; DJ Ryan Estes and Larkburger CEO Adam Baker talk business from our menu offerings to...

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Thrillist Names Larkburger Best Burger in Downtown Denver

Larkburger Named Best Burger in Downtown Denver by Thrillist


Thrillist, “The Best Burgers in 9 Denver ‘Hoods” by Connor Green, 8/13/2014 Burgers. There’s no wrong time to eat one. Well, maybe like a funeral or something. Don’t be ridiculous. But still, there...

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Larkburger's All American at the Denver Burger Battle

The Denver Burger Battle Features All The Best Burgers


Thrillist, “All the Best Burgers from one of the Country’s Best Burger Competitions,” by Lee Breslouer, 8/12/2014 Everyone loves a good burger. Keenan and Kel proved that, and no one has been able...

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Eater Denver's Best Fries

Larkburger – Denver’s Best Fries


Eater Guide, “Denver’s Ten Best and Most Outrageous Fries,” Tuesday, August 12, 2014 French fries are often relegated to a lesser role than their main dish counterparts. Truth is though, while French fries...

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Larkburger Colorado Brand

Larkburger’s Uncompromising Gourmet Burgers


Company Week: Larkburger, by Eric Peterson, June 17th, 2014 Food maker Adam Baker is re-imagining casual dining with an uncompromising gourmet model and targeted growth Larkburger co-founder and CEO Adam Baker was GM...

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Thrillist Names Larkburger Best Burger in Downtown Denver

Larkburger Tops Thrillist List


Thrillist: THE NEXT FIVE GUYS: 12 SMALL BURGER CHAINS THAT MIGHT TAKE OVER THE WORLD, by Dan Gentile, June 15th, 2014 No matter how full of big burger chains our country may be, we always...

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Find Larkburger Burgers in Colorado

Burger Business: Larkburger in Colorado


“Larkburger’s Colorado State of Mind” April 25th, 2014 Few restaurant brands are as linked to one state as Larkburger is to Colorado. The concept itself was created in 2005 out of the popularity...

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Larkburger Best Burger in Boulder

Larkburger Named Best Burger in Boulder for 4 Years Straight


The Boulder Weekly, “Best of Boulder County: 2014: Best Burger – Larkburger” Thursday, 4/24/2014   Best Burger : LARKBURGER 2525 Arapahoe Ave., 303-444-1487 Second Place: Mountain Sun/ Southern Sun Third Place: Smashburger Fourth Place:...

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QSR Magazine - Larkburger Gourmet Innovative Burgers in Colorado

Larkburger’s Gourmet Burger Seen as Innovative by QSR Magazine


QSR Magazine, “Between the Buns: Fast-Casual Concepts Usher in New Era of Burger Innovation” by Bryan Ressman, March 2014 The combined influence of better-burger restaurants and the fast-casual customization model has had a...

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Boulder Food Media and Culinary Colorado Enjoy Boulder's Best Burger

Culinary Colorado on Topnotch Burgers in Boulder


Culinary Colorado, “Larkburger: Chef has set a High Bar for Burgers” by Claire Walter, March, 5th, 2014 Larkspur begat Larkburger whose 12 locations serve topnotch burgers. I have a scenario in my mind of...

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Curbed Ski Names Larkburger a top restaurant in a ski town

Larkburger Named Top Fast Casual Restaurant in a Ski Town by Curbed Ski


Easy, Delish, & Cheap: The Top Fast Casual Spots in a Ski Town, by Megan Barber of Curbed Ski Wednesday, February 12th, 2014: It’s a familiar winter scenario: You’re driving the I-70 “parking...

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Co-founder Adam Baker shares the growing stages of Larkburger with Colorado Business Magazine


Colorado Business Magazine, Parenting a Business: Larkburger is now a feisty teen by Adam Baker, Larkburger Co-Founder and CEO February 13, 2014:  They always say not to have kids until you’re ready, because...

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Thomas Salamunovich the Father of Larkburger

Best of Colorado: Thomas Salamunovich, The Father of the

Gourmet Burger

& Larkburger


Colorado Expression, Best of Colorado by Claudia Carbone, Father of the Gourmet Burger, February/March 2014 Like a father bragging about his newborn child, Chef Thomas Salamunovich talks about his Larkburger like it was...

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