Ranked as one of the best burgers in the Denver area!

“The Best Burgers in Denver and Beyond”

Eater Denver, Andra Zeppelin, Nov. 14th, 2016

“The quintessential American dish, the burger, takes many forms and variations all over the country but particularly here in Denver. The Mile High City diners are always seeking the best burger around and the allegiances to one or another are strong and serious. How serious? The perpetually sold out Denver Burger Battle is a testament to the passion that exists around burgers in this town. This year, fifteen restaurants competed for the hearts and votes of the judges and the public. Another way to understand the wave of burger love around these parts is to look at the home-grown eateries that have expanded into mini-chains, Larkburger and Park Burger being among them.

The twenty spots listed here offer a wide variety of choices for every taste and mood. There are classics, of course, but also irresistible variations like the Asian-influenced Wagyu one at Departure or the Mexican-leaning one at Cochino Tacos.”

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