Larkburger Named Best Burger in Downtown Denver by Thrillist

Thrillist, “The Best Burgers in 9 Denver ‘Hoods” by Connor Green, 8/13/2014

Burgers. There’s no wrong time to eat one. Well, maybe like a funeral or something. Don’t be ridiculous. But still, there are plenty of GREAT times for a great burger, which means you want to make sure you’re never too far from one. With that in mind, we sought out the best examples of beef between buns in nine prominent Denver ‘hoods.

Best Burger in Downtown Denver

Larkburger (address and info)
If you are looking for a fast-food burger without all the downsides of a fast-food burger, then get thee to Larkburger, which has multiple locations but is definitely the move when you need a burger Downtown. The Truffle Burger steals the show with a fresh-made truffle aioli topping an Angus beef patty, a classic LTO setup, and crunchy dill.

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