Larkburger featured as one of the best burgers in Colorado

“Colorado’s 23 Best Burgers”

Thrillist, February 18th, 2015, Ruth Tobias

The greasy ones and the gourmet ones. The sentimental favorites and the splashy upstarts. The iconic shoo-ins and the controversial long shots. We considered them all in the course of our burger research, called on experts statewide, stuffed our faces until they bled — and finally narrowed the list down to 23. Here they are: the Colorado burgers to beat.


What you’re getting: Uh… a Larkburger?
Of course, there are approximately a zillion locations now, but the flagship — not far from Larkspur in Vail, where Chef-Owner Thomas Salamunovich created the prototype — still has that new-brand smell, that sparkle from back when it was still a local’s secret. Of course, it also still has that archetypal black Angus burger, the one that looks exactly like a fast-food ad — only better, because it’s IRL, and it’s dressed in a creamy, house-made lemon-Dijon sauce, and no fast-food franchise offers happy-hour deals on Colorado craft beer.

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