Healthy Kids Menus in Colorado

“Healthy Kids’ Menus” by Claudia Carbone, Colorado Parent, October 2014

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your family is easy when you are the one cooking meals.  But going out to eat can sabotage  your best-laid plans for a healthy diet.  You may find wild salmon, locally sourced produce, whole grains and house-made pastas on the adult menu, but kids’ offerings often are the same old choices of beef burgers, processed hot dogs and fried chicken fingers with not a green leaf in sight.  If your kids are used to better then that at home, why would you want them to eat any less at restaurants.

Since my 3-year-old granddaughter Leona has moved back to Denver, we go out to eat with her often.  She is anything but a picky eater.  Broccoli, shrimp, avocado and quinoa are among her favorite foods at home, so wee look for these and other healthy foods at restaurants.  Here are some local eateries that offer elevated kid’s meals.


Locations: Metro Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and Edwards

Larkburger was born in Vail at Larkspur, the fine dining restaurant of Chef Thomas Salamnuovich.  The popularity of the gourmet sandwich deserved its own eatery (now in 13 locations), and the chef’s attention to healthy ingredients carries over to the kids’ menu.  The Little Lark is three ounces of certified Angus beef or turkey or grilled cheese, available with a gluten-free bun or no bun.  It comes with fries or edamame, fresh fruit and organic chocolate or whole milk or Honest Kids juice.  Kids eat free Monday nights when their parents buys a meal.  $5.95, age 12 and younger.

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