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It’s always been a part of the Larkburger mission to give back to our local neighborhoods. Over the years, Larkburger has been proud to support numerous non-profits with in-kind donations and volunteer work. We take pride in helping community organizations accomplish their missions. Our partnerships are purpose-based, supporting causes that align with our core values of celebrating the outdoor lifestyle and protecting the spaces where we play.

The organizations we support fall under one of the following categories:
Environmental Education and Research
Sustainable Living and Agriculture
Active Lifestyle (particularly with youth)

If your organization falls under one of the categories listed above, please fill out our request form as thoroughly as possible and know that we review all submissions. While we would like to support every good cause out there, please understand that often we have to respectfully decline due to high demand. And because of the large amount of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to each submission. If we are able to donate to your event, someone from our team will contact you once your request has been submitted.

Philanthropy Donation Request Form