Keeping it Natural

All-natural isn’t just our cooking policy. It’s our business policy.

At Larkburger, we owe a debt to the world. Our flavors don’t come from science. They come from a belief that nature already offers the best ingredients we could ever ask for. And we want to return the favor by acting as responsibly as possible. Because what good is an all-natural burger if our restaurant isn’t just as environmentally aware?

Here is just a taste of our commitment to acting naturally:

  • Natural Ingredients
    • We use no preservatives or additives.
    • All of our sauces and dressings are made in-house.
    • Our hand-cut fries are cooked in trans-fat free canola oil.
    • Our all-natural Black Angus Beef has been chosen for the best in flavor and consistency.
  • Natural Packaging
    • Our containers are biodegradable.
    • Our utensils are made from potato and corn starch.
    • Our packaging is made from unbleached paper pulp.
  • Natural Operations
    • Our commercial equipment is energy-efficient.
    • We reuse canola oil to power cars.
    • Our restaurants are built with reused wood paneling.
    • 100% of our electricity is offset by purchasing wind credits.
    • In most locations all packaging, cups, straws, utensils, etc. are composted instead of going to the landfill.

We believe that nature has given us everything we need. And we don’t need to do business with anything else.