Q: What is a lark?

A: It’s just a name. The Larkburger originated at the Larkspur restaurant in Vail, CO. The Larkburger is a Black Angus Beef burger.

Q: What is a truffle?

A: It is a relative of the mushroom and is known for its intense aroma and flavor.

Q: What is your house sauce?

A: Our house sauce is a lemon-Dijon sauce.

Q: Do you have any vegetarian options?

A: The Portabella Burger is our vegetarian burger, it is a roasted portabella mushroom burger served with house sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and sautéed onions.  We also offer a veggie sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich in addition to salads and other vegetarian sides.

Q: I have a gluten allergy what can I eat?

A: The entire menu is available gluten free with the exception of our brioche bun. We offer a gluten free bun for any of our burgers or any burger may be wrapped in lettuce. We practice extreme caution in preparing our gluten-free orders and do our best to ensure a gluten-free product but please be aware that there may be a chance of cross contamination as Larkburger is NOT a gluten-free environment.

Q: Does your bun have dairy?

A: Yes, but we keep dairy free buns at each restaurant that are available upon request.

Q: What are your fries cooked in?

A: Our French fries are hand cut and cooked in trans-fat & preservative free canola oil.

Q: What is tamari?

A: Gluten-free soy sauce.

Q: What are my choices for cheese?

A: We offer Tillamook cheddar, American, Swiss and Pepper Jack.

Q: How are you wind powered?

A: We purchase wind power credits from our electrical company to offset our energy use.

Q: Is Larkburger a franchise?

A: No, Larkburger is owned by its original founders and a group of investors.

Q: What can I compost?

A: Where commercial composting is available, Larkburger composts 100% of its consumer packaging, including the cups, straws, burger wraps, utensils, napkins and boxes. Larkburger also reuses its canola oil for automotive fuel and was designed with efficiency-rated commercial appliances.

Q: Where are your other locations? Where is your next location?

A: Please click here to view our locations. Follow our news for information on new locations.

Q: Where can I find nutritional info on your menu?

A: Our nutritional information is available for download here.